A Taste of Summer: Bangle Bracelets

Bright colored bangles and bracelets appear always in summer. When they are in fun shapes as well, they will be the best accessories for you to attract other’s eyes. Whatever you wear, a brightly colored bangle bracelets could be your choice. Especially, they are combined very well with bikini tops, summer dresses, tube tops, etc.

The materials of bracelets could be widely chosen, i.e. gemstones, quartz, obsidian. Sometimes, a bracelet set from different materials and in different shapes could also turn you on. For example, a 4 bangle bracelet set with snow quartz, rainbow obsidian, red tourmaline and rock crystal.

Platinum bangle bracelets are becoming more popular with young girls in this summer. Although platinum is similar to silver, it is more expensive. Some girls don’t want to choose it. However, this material has its own unique characteristics to attract others. It is shining elegant, it is extremely long wearing and it is very white. It is also a good alternative for the people who easily get allergies.

Wearing many bangles at one time has become another trend in summer. Bangles can be delicate, stackable and oversize. At the moment, the popular materials of bangles include wood, shell, copper and gold.