Scarf Styles

You could wear the same scarves in different ways or wear different styles of scarves for different occasions. Versatility of scarves bring you frequently diverse feeling. Scarves are part of women’ fashion, which are seem as one of most important accessories. Since long time ago scarf has already became popular among Hollywood stars and they wear it to show their special elegance.

Scarves were made from various fabrics, such as silk weaves, wool knits, plain, patterned etc. Each period define the different styles.  Nowadays, scarves are made from rayon, silk, acetate, etc., because the lightweight and comfort are important for users. Cotton and wool scarves are also the choices for women and offer structure and textured finishes. Bandanas and kerchiefs are smaller compare to shawl-like scarves, which could be 3 times the large of them. There are also different forms of scarves, square, rectangular and triangular, sometimes with fused edges, hemmed edges and fringed edges. Scarves could be also worn as headwear.