Zip Fasteners Buttonholes Soft Collar

Zip fasteners replace buttons on the flies, and the waistband extended over the centre on one side and fastened with either a hook and bar or button and buttonholes. Adjustable straps, usually one each side of the centre back seam with the elasticated part conceal in the waistband, has the extended material with one or two buttonholes attached to buttons on the waistband. Loops of the same material as the trousers are attached on the waistband at intervals to hold or support a leather or fabric belt. Soft shirt collars are general, the stiffer detachable collars going out of fashion. Collars are usually of the same colour as the shirts themselves, or could be white if the shirts are of a patterned material. Shaped celluloid stiffeners are generally inserted in special pockets under the collar points of a soft collar and could be removed for washing. Later, a special material is used to give the collar points a semi-stiff finish. Collar points become longer over the years and a popular fashion for really long points came from the United States.