Designer Ties Ascot Ties

Long ties with square or, more usually, pointed ends are generally worn. They are mainly made of artificial or real silk, wool or poplin. Woollen ties that do not crumple are usually worn with casual clothes. In the early decade spots, checks and stripes are all fashionable for ties, but by the end of the decade squares and diamond shaped designs also appeared. Paisley patterns as well as small floral motifs are included in the many differing patterns available. The American influence, is also seen in the vivid and bolder prints on the market. Ready-made ties which fastened at the back with adjustable straps are less popular, but bow ties fastening in the same manner are still available, especially for evening wear. Wide Ascot ties are mainly worn with morning coats. These consisted of a long scarf or tie which usually have square ends, and these are tied with the ends overlapping at an angle instead of one covering the other, and fastened with an ornamental tie-pin. Ordinary four-in-hand ties can also be worn with morning coats if the shirt collars are of the wing or stand-fall variety.