Jackets for Men Fashion 2016

Jacket styles in 2016 do not vary a great deal from the previous period. They can be single- or double-breasted and have hip pockets, two breast pockets inside and an inside ticket pocket at hip level. There are generally three buttons at the slit cuffs. Waistcoats, when worn, were generally single-breasted, with two pockets either side, one at the breast, and another at the base.

They are usually welted. Trousers often have side pockets in the seams, and hip pockets are also occasionally present. The back trouser hip pockets are often dispensed with, as are turn-ups. The effect of material shortages also become evident when jackets became shorter, just reaching the hips, but ending above the crotch. There are also fewer pockets in evidence, and the breast pockets, as well as the flaps on the side pockets are completely removed. Cuff buttons are also not seen any more, thus saving even more on materials. Jackets are made less skimpy and slightly draped, they are looser fitting over the chest, and the shoulder line become less squared and more natural looking. The waistline is also lowered slightly. The more formal lounge suits in black or other sombre colours are seen less, when formality become less important.