Slim-looking Straight Skirts

Slim-looking straight skirts with slight flares from the hips, or pleating, are worn. They have darts and seams from the waist to give a better fit, and reach about 40 cm from ground level. Skirts are also quite often straight with an inverted pleat in the front from hip level to give extra fullness and ease of movement. Skirts not part of a two piece suit are worn with jumpers or blouses over which can be worn jerkins or jackets. They reach approximately 40 cm from the ground and are made similarly to suit skirts, straight or slightly flared or pleated, and can have hip yokes. Pockets either side in the front are also popular, and if belts are worn they are often of the same material as the skirts themselves. Divided skirts gradually become more accepted apparel, especially as the War progressed. Trousers for women also began to make their appearance, and are fastened at the side with a zip hidden by a placket.
Blouses can be worn loosely over skirts or can be tucked in. They are made in many different styles, like shirts buttoning down the front, for instance, or cross-over with a sash. Sleeves can be long with wristbands or cuffs that are buttoned, or they can be short and puffed. Collars are sometimes quite plain with pointed or rounded fronts. Cowl collars are worn with blouses that have back fastenings.
Knitwear becomes very popular, being both hand and machine made.