H&M Clothes

H&M was founded by Erling Persson in 1974 in Sweden. After that H&M expands very quickly and now already become a popular brand worldwide. There are more than 2,000 H&M stores with 90,000 qualified employees in 38 countries, such as UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, etc. Its largest competitor of this brand is Zara, the other clothing retailer worldwide.

H&M products are for women, men and also children. Prices of H&M clothes are not expensive, so this brand attracts lots of young people. Besides, H&M focuses on fashionable design styles which could make you become prettier. When you don’t have so much money to spend on your outfits but also want to color your wardrobe, H&M products are a good choice for you which are with good quality and also a reasonable price. Whatever you want (skirts, shoes, pants, accessories), you could be satisfied with this brand. However, H&M has no its own factories, its fast development is contributed by lots of qualified designers. You could also visit H&M Online Shop and get more information about its products. You will find more surprises here!