LRG Clothing

LRG (Lifted Research Group) was founded by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright in 1999. This brand focuses on unique style designs and is very popular among young people. LRG is not just a clothing brand but also represents a culture of living. LRG clothing shows streetwear style and attracts always the hip-hop crowd. It is a very famous brand for menswear and also offers lots of outfits for skating and women.

Men have quite many options for dressing up, especially when they are fans of hip hop or skating. The clothing is so awesome, even a t-shirt could make you different easily. Other products from LRG include tanks, jeans, hats, ski board etc. However, you can’t find the LRG shops in each area. If you are in large city, you’ve got lucky, but if you live in a rural area, it is not easily for you to buy a LRG product. Don’t be disappointed, there is also a LRG online shop could provide you another channel to get those cool outfits. You will definitely see some special and impressive products. Accessories from LRG are very special as well and make you immediately unique from others.