Formal Dresses 2016

After years formal dress is rarely seen and dark lounge suits are more popular for dinners and theatre outings, although dinner suits are seen on the rare formal occasions. Dress tail coats are worn mainly by waiters, musicians and for ballroom dancing competitions.

For weddings, morning coats, usually in grey, are worn with striped trousers, a waistcoat and a grey top hat. Gloves, sticks and spats are no longer seen. It becomes more general for dark lounge suits to be worn for weddings rather than the more formal morning suits, but both always have a white flower in the lapel buttonhole, and a white handkerchief showing in the breast pocket. For funerals and mourning most men simply wore lounge suits in dark colours with black ties. For Court occasions and receptions, Court dress is worn. This consisted of black evening dress coat and trousers usually with waistcoats and bow ties as well as gloves.