Long Dresses

For afternoon wear long dresses are more feminine in appearance, having a gentler outline. Long dresses often have a corselet waist which is boned and fitted and is often raised above the natural waist level. Peplums are also usual. Although dress collars are not much worn , they again become fashionable in recent years. Bodices which are tight fitting become more bloused a little later, this effect being achieved by tucking and shirring. Due to the shortages of materials the skirts are of a scanty style. They are fairly straight with kick pleats behind or a few pleats in the front. Neither pleating nor flares are very full, and often shirring is used at the waist to give a fuller effect. Tucks at the waistline also help to achieve this effect. Skirts are fairly short reaching just about 45 cm from the ground. Real or sham pockets at hip level accentuated the hips and therefore gave the waist a smaller appearance.