Day Dresses for Summer


Shift dresses which fall from the shoulders are gathered at the natural waistline with a belt or sash. Petticoat dresses are short enough to reveal their embroidered underskirts. The length of skirts is about 40 cm from the ground. Very full skirts are not very popular at this time, most of them being straight or just slightly flared. Pleats, however, are popular. The skirts are close fitting to the hips with fitted waists which could have a waistband.

Day dresses are fairly plain nowadays. They can be tailored and are almost always worn with belts, either of matching fabric or leather. Pinafore dresses are worn over blouses, and shirt waisters become quite general wear. These are made with a buttoned-down-the-front bodice with a collar, and join to a skirt that continue the fastening with buttons down to the hem. Sheath dresses which have a straight line without being waisted, and are in one piece, are often sleeveless and have a square cut neckline. These styles come into fashion in the next summer season.