How to Dress for Carnival

Main events of Carnival are mostly in February. There are public celebration and also private party on Carnival. People dress up for this festival and really have a fun on that day.

How to dress for carnival? You could choose a fun shirt if the weather isn’t cold. It is simple, not expensive and could also be interesting. Beside of funny jeans you can wear a cargo pants. Now comes the most important part – the shoes. You should wear one pair of comfortable walking shoes, because you will walk and stand a lot on that day. Good shoes could help you to be more relaxed and prevent slips.

For a carnival party, dressing should be totally different. Everyone is asked to wear a costume. There are lots of costume ideas, such as ringleader, MIME, acrobat, etc. Clowns clothes are good choices for both men and women. This costume is pretty funny. Dressing like an animal is also very popular. Want to be sexy? You can choose this way only if you find the right costume for yourself, lion, tiger, rabbit, cat, etc.