Dresses make people

Often turns out with closer investigation that it is not with our rationality at all so far. Considerations and decisions are often influenced by physical sensations. American psychologists have further done this draught yet, they have checked the influence of the clothes on the mind. If my daughter sits in her boarding school sweater at the breakfast table, I know: a check stands in a queue. Miriam dopes himself, so to speak, with a garment and this is more than bare superstition as the experiments of Hajo Adam point, a management professor in the Northwestern University in the American Evans's tone. However, he has examined no boarding school pullovers, but lab smocks. White smocks are more than bare clothes pieces, they have a symbolic meaning. Surveys point, with the white smock most people think of doctors or of researcher, and with it of qualities like attention, care and exactness. Hajo Adam wanted to know whether these associations lose colour, so to speak, on own mind. In addition he let experimental subjects finish an attention test. Under a pretext he made half of them cover a lab smock to himself. Clothes influence not only as other about us think, but even as we ourselves think. Already the sight of a white smock sharpens the attention. If one carries him again himself, one identifies quite unconsciously with the mentality of a doctor or researcher. Quite differently there ran the experiment if Hajo Adam told the experimental subjects, they would carry the smock of a painter.