Evening dresses

Evening dresses are the high end of women's fashion. Most valuable materials are selected for sophicated construction of evening dresses.

Dress up

Some people see the same way itself to carnival astonishingly. However, at a place people may buckle every day in other, creative costumes: at the theatre.

Waistcoats for Men in the Evening

Stiff shirt fronts and collars, sometimes made of pique or marcella and known as boiled shirts, are still to be seen  although soft collars and shirts become more evident. Black bow ties are always worn with dinner jackets, although white pique batswing bows are more popular with dress coats.

Dinner Jacket or Dress Coats Men and Women

Dress coats are seen less than in previous periods, although they are still occasionally worn. They are always worn open, although they are cut as though they are double-breasted. The fronts are cut away, sometimes straight and sometimes with points. The long below-the-knee skirts at the back are slit in the centre to the waist. The style of dress coats vary only slightly from that of the earlier part of the century.