Waistcoats for Men in the Evening

Stiff shirt fronts and collars, sometimes made of pique or marcella and known as boiled shirts, are still to be seen  although soft collars and shirts become more evident. Black bow ties are always worn with dinner jackets, although white pique batswing bows are more popular with dress coats. Waistcoats worn with evening wear can be single- or double-breasted. They are in a white pique when worn with dress coats, whereas the single-breasted ones worn with dinner jackets are black. The waistcoats are low cut and generally have low rolling collars, and two to four buttons. When dinner jackets are mainly double-breasted, waistcoats are left off.
Trousers are either deep blue or black to match the jackets with which they are worn, and they are always without turn-ups. The outside seams have one row of braiding when worn with dinner jackets, but two rows are always present when the trousers belonged to dress coats.