Dress up

Some people see the same way itself to carnival astonishingly. However, at a place people may buckle every day in other, creative costumes: at the theatre.

To carnival we have picked out the most splendid examples of the topical season – and have spoken with Ute Werner, leader of the costume department. The nicest moment at her work is for Ute Werner always him when an apparently insoluble problem resolves in pleasure. A problem like to put on that, to dancers cone hats which one can set down though easily again which are, however, still with the wildest dislocations firmly on the heads. „This was really a subject!“ if Werner reports dreamer about smoking heads for the production „. Dancing. Songs“ – and from the relief when thanks to the right material and endlessly to many fittings everything sat. To create costumes in the theatre, a lot of patience assumes. Particularly as the covers not only well should look, but must do justice to specific demands: Freedom of movement is unavoidable in the ballet – a wrongly seated collar does not go for a singer in the opera at all. The most extreme what Werner had to make in Dortmund was a stage-wide coat – three days before the premiere.