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Kleider müssen zum Horoskop passen

Bei der Betrachtung des chinesischen Horoskops muss die Auswahl von Kleidern und Stoffen betrachtet werden. Seide wurde mehr und mehr zu einem Mittel der Prachtentfatung. Zugleich bekam sie einen zeremoniellen Charakter. Bestimmte Stoffe und Farben blieben auch nach der weiteren Verbreitung der Seidenkleidung dem Hof vorbehalten. Dabei bildete sich Gelb als kaiserliche Farbe heraus, die für Stoffe wie auch beim Porzellan, ja selbst bei den lasierten Dachziegeln Privileg des Kaisers war und bis in unser Jahrhundert geblieben ist.

Stephen Jones Call Designers to Submit their Hats

As one of the greatest milliners in the world, designers were invited by Stephen Jones to submit one photograph/illustration of their designed hats, so that their works could be part of Hats which is a famous exhibition hosted y the Bard Graduate Center in New York. He aims to search for creativity and originality, motive designers to use different kinds of material, i.e. paper, metal, fabric, feather. 

Voluptuous Panic

Last weekend, on July 30th, Voluptuous Panic was hosted by the Watermill Center. It is the 18th annual watermill summer benefit.

Frills and Peplums for Skirts - New Look

Frills and peplums are used in skirts to give a bustle effect at the back. Skirts have become a little longer with a straighter silhouette, although fullness or drapery from the hips is fashionable. Skirts are just below knee level, small waisted and fairly tight fitting with hip pockets or gathering at the sides. Front inverted pleats or unpressed pleats are also worn.

Wavy hair, longer hair

Hair is usually cut short and brushed with a parting on the left side. Wavy hair is very fashionable, and straight hair is coaxed into waves. Film stars set many of the new trends and these are copied by many. Although beards are unfashionable, straight handle-bar moustaches as worn by many pilots and army officers remain popular amongst civilians for some years.
The trend for longer hair begin in the last years when hair is full on top and the sides, although the shorter crew-cut styles still prevail.