Wavy hair, longer hair

Hair is usually cut short and brushed with a parting on the left side. Wavy hair is very fashionable, and straight hair is coaxed into waves. Film stars set many of the new trends and these are copied by many. Although beards are unfashionable, straight handle-bar moustaches as worn by many pilots and army officers remain popular amongst civilians for some years.
The trend for longer hair begin in the last years when hair is full on top and the sides, although the shorter crew-cut styles still prevail. These are also known as Gl cuts. This is hair cut short all over. As the hair is gradually allowed to grow slightly longer and somewhat tousle in appearance it becomes known as a Feather Crew or Ivy League style. The 'Teddy Boys' with their Edwardian style of dress wear their hair longer at the sides and brush it back towards the centre.