Voluptuous Panic

Last weekend, on July 30th, Voluptuous Panic was hosted by the Watermill Center. It is the 18th annual watermill summer benefit.


The world theater contributed creative minds to this event. More than 25 original artist performances were brought who are from the watermill international summer program. Performance and visual artist Robert Wilson started the watermill center in 1992 where is used for young people to explore their new ideas and acquire inspiration from environment as well as surrounding people. Many artists are from different countries with different cultures, so that the watermill center develops itself with the aim of integrating creative perceptions and different art forms very quickly. It gives young people more chances to break cultural boundaries.

Simon de Pury hosted the whole process of silent and live auctions which started at 6 p.m. With their works many artists contributed to this auction, like Marina Abramovic, Chiristian Marclay, etc. Some supports were offered by the artists who once also benefited from the programs.