Stephen Jones Call Designers to Submit their Hats

As one of the greatest milliners in the world, designers were invited by Stephen Jones to submit one photograph/illustration of their designed hats, so that their works could be part of Hats which is a famous exhibition hosted y the Bard Graduate Center in New York. He aims to search for creativity and originality, motive designers to use different kinds of material, i.e. paper, metal, fabric, feather. 

Stephen Jones and the V&A collaborated during the exhibitions that has already attracted more than 350.000 visitors in Brisbane as well as London before. After selecting these hats this time, some of them got the chance to be displayed in the Bard Graduate Center Gallery. It is one part of the exhibition. Stephen always likes to cooperate with Talenthouse in order to look for new milliners and it is exciting for him to see some new ideas from other designers. With creativity hats could be anything and also could be made from anything. An example is Elsa Schiaparelli’s shoe hat. This exhibition got a huge success and won lots of visitors in New York.