Outdoor Clothing and Street wear

Outdoor Clothing

Woollen Pullovers, Motoring Clothes

Yachting become less popular, as the trend is towards small boats and dinghies, so trousers or shorts and shirts with woollen pullovers suffice. Oilskins are worn in bad weather.

Sports Clothes: Hunting Clothes, Tweed Jackets, Hacking Jackets

Most sports clothes do not alter very much from those of previous periods. Hunting clothes are similar to those worn and consisted of riding jackets or single-breasted frock coats, or double-breasted morning coats with breeches or jodhpurs and riding boots. Stiff bowler hats are worn to protect the head. For shooting, tweed jackets are popular worn with breeches or plus-fours.

Windcheater, Knitted Waistcoats

Knitted or suede waistcoats are also popular and towards the end of the decade. Many have suede fronts with the backs in a knitted material.

Raincoats for Men and Women

Ulster coats, generally of a warmer material, are mainly double-breasted with either an all round belt or half belted at the back and buttoned at the front. The seam down the centre back can be lapped over. The pockets are often of the patch variety. Raglan sleeves are very popular for various styles of coats, especially raincoats.

Men's Outdoor Coats - Chesterfields

Chesterfields, popular from the start of the century, still remain the most popular of outdoor coats. They can be either single- or double-breasted. The single-breasted styles can have fly fastenings, whereas the double-breasted styles usually have six buttons and sometimes a half-belt behind.