Windcheater, Knitted Waistcoats

Knitted or suede waistcoats are also popular and towards the end of the decade. Many have suede fronts with the backs in a knitted material. Cardigans are also sometimes made in this manner with sleeves, collar and the button stand down the front, of fabric whilst the front only was of leather.
Windcheaters, also called lumber jackets, are generally made of a thick woollen material such as blanket cloth. They have ribbed and elasticated wrist and waistbands to give a closer fit, but are slightly pouched above the elastication. They are either buttoned or zipped to the neck which was also close fitting. Headwear is worn less, but caps and soft felt hats are still to be seen in the early decae. Footwear consists of plimsolls, brogues, casual suede slip-on shoes and, at first, two-tone leather shoes, and sandals.