Sports Clothes: Hunting Clothes, Tweed Jackets, Hacking Jackets

Most sports clothes do not alter very much from those of previous periods. Hunting clothes are similar to those worn and consisted of riding jackets or single-breasted frock coats, or double-breasted morning coats with breeches or jodhpurs and riding boots. Stiff bowler hats are worn to protect the head. For shooting, tweed jackets are popular worn with breeches or plus-fours. Deerstalker hats or tweedy cloth caps completed the wardrobe. For riding, hacking jackets which have full skirts but are made in lounge jacket styles are worn. They are longish and the skirts can have either a centre back seam and vents, or two side slits for easier movement. Jodhpurs become general, more so than riding breeches, and the riding caps are usually of velvet, but reinforced so that they are hard. Cricket gear is still white tlannel trousers and shirts with canvas or buckskin shoes. Sweaters and caps with the club colours are also worn, and blazers usually have the club badge embroidered on the top breast pocket. Tennis outfits vary very little from cricket clothes, apart from the cap, but gradually flannel trousers are replaced by white shorts. Shirts are usually worn open necked and white V necked sweaters or pullovers can be worn over them.