Woollen Pullovers, Motoring Clothes

Yachting become less popular, as the trend is towards small boats and dinghies, so trousers or shorts and shirts with woollen pullovers suffice. Oilskins are worn in bad weather. For skiing, protective clothing is essential, so the trousers are made of a waterproof material and styled to fit neatly into the boot tops. Jackets, also in a proofed material, are tight at the wrists and zipped up the front to the neck. Anoraks are beginning to be worn. Thick socks are made of natural oiled wool which is water repellent. As motoring become more general and is no longer regarded as a sport, special motoring clothes are no longer worn. With the spread of motoring, hats, umbrellas and sticks decreased in use, and shorter coats are found to be more practical for driving.