Men's Outdoor Coats - Chesterfields

Chesterfields, popular from the start of the century, still remain the most popular of outdoor coats. They can be either single- or double-breasted. The single-breasted styles can have fly fastenings, whereas the double-breasted styles usually have six buttons and sometimes a half-belt behind. They generally reach to just below the knees and can be slightly shaped to the waist or just hang straight, being cut in one piece. The coat fronts are sometimes kept close together at the hem with a small button on one side whilst the other side has a tab inside with a buttonhole. Rack vents are also sometimes seen. Chesterfields generally have two flapped pockets, one each side, and a welted breast pocket on the left. The revers are fairly wide and could have button-holes. The coats are usually fully lined with black silk or sateen. The sleeve cuffs can be slit with three or four buttons.