Raincoats for Men and Women

Ulster coats, generally of a warmer material, are mainly double-breasted with either an all round belt or half belted at the back and buttoned at the front. The seam down the centre back can be lapped over. The pockets are often of the patch variety. Raglan sleeves are very popular for various styles of coats, especially raincoats. Raincoats or mackintoshes called 'macs' are often single-breasted, but have full skirts and are belted. Other styles included the more military look with straps at the shoulders of fitted sleeves. Both set-in sleeves and Raglan sleeves can have tabs around the cuffs which are buttoned to give a tighter fit. Raincoats are often lined in a check material. They can have vents at the back, especially if they are loose fitting and without a belt. The long back seams might have numerous rows of stitching down. The looser styles which are buttoned down the front, and can have a fly, often had a tab or tongue, with a buttonhole or a button on the opposite side almost at the hem in the front to hold the coat together. Many raincoats are made of nylon and other man-made materials. Some of these are made to be worn over ordinary greatcoats and can be folded.