Shoe fair GDS 2016


Chimney-red Wedges, rivet-occupied High-Heels and the traditional wellington – the shoe fair GDS points since Wednesday what is carried in autumn and winter, 2016/2017 on the foot.

We have gathered the most important facts to the new shoe styles. If one looks around on the shoe fair, strikes fast: The shoe branch feels torn in halves between the longing for tradition and the wish for innovation. However, remarkably often both is also combined with each other. On the fair in Dusseldorf three trend styles can be filtered during these days out. Many exhibitors placed on traditional craft. British classical period with a winking is often interpreted – often with the folkloric elements which are put in an urbane context. Besides, inspiration springs of the designers are regions of the Alps up to the Andes. Typically for this look, the "authentic" is called, are softy materials and warm colours, as for example deep red tones, middle brown nuances, green and gold. Women may run in next autumn, hence, absolutely with the moccasins which are embroidered with pearls through the streets. Men may be glad about classical suede shoes. Another style which is often to be found on the fair is called "Updated". He is smart, moulder and tidily and realism and urbanity unites. Typically for the cautiously formed shoes are few decorations and neutral colours. One may strike with his shoe, however, nevertheless. Completely by contrast there stands the style "Magnetic" which above all dramatically, expressively and is glamorous. The claim: Sex Appeal with a breath of mysticism spread. Often used materials are a velvet and silk in dark, dynamic colours with light reflexion ions. Here almost everything is permitted – no matter whether glitter or rivets in the Highheels. Central issue is, the shoe is unusual, stings in the eye and underlines the personal individuality. Five fair halls, chock-full with shoes and some accessories fullly – The GDS is absolutely a paradise for shoe lovers, because one of about 1300 exhibitors on the fair has absolutely the suitable model with no matter whether one likes it rather traditionally, wildly or brightly. The shoe fair GDS is only for professional visitors.