Fashion Trends

Actual fashion trends are presented in this channel.

Musikstil und Mode

Mit der Ska-Musik haben die Skinheads einen Musikstil auserkoren, der einerseits ihrem sozialen Status - der gemeinsamen Herkunft aus der Arbeiterklasse - entspricht und sich auf der anderen Seite stark von der Rockmusik des Mainstream oder der oft psychedelischen Musik der damals angesagten Jugendkultur der Hippies unterscheide . Doch der Ska wandelt sich, wird immer langsamer, gemächlicher. Die schrillen Bläser werden von den Bass- und Rhythmusgitarren verdrängt und in den Texten setzt sich ein bleibendes Merkmal des Reggae fest: Der Protest gegen die Beherrschung durch Weiße. Solche Liedtexte sind jedoch eindeutig für Schwarze konzipiert und lassen sich nicht mehr mit der Lebensphilosophie der weißen Skinheads in Einklang bringen.

Takko Onlineshop macht mehr Spass

Dann ist Zara und Takko die richtige Adresse für viele modebewusste Menschen.  Das Sortiment ist bei diesen bekannten deutschen Modehäusern einfach riesig und man findet im übersichtlichen Onlineshop Kleidung, Schuhe und sonstige Textilien für Mann und Frau. Super ist auch die Kategorie Heimtextilien für die große Familie. Auch hier wird man Übergrößenmode finden.
Beim Stöbern im Onlineshop sollte man unbedingt auf die verschiedene Preise achten, die teilweise abhängig vom Material und Farbe stark schwanken. Der Grund: Bei vielen Onlineshops gibt es neben sehr guten Produkten der Hausmarke auch Kleidung von anderen Anbietern. Am besten legt man sich euch vor dem Stöbern den Preisrahmen fest.

Dress Well in Winter

How to dress well in winter? Because of cold weather we have to give up some beautiful skirts which we really like, but we also could choose some outfits to make us look attractive, only if we get the right way.

Fashion Shows In Autumn

Stars always get fashion trends information earlier than most others. Some stars could even start the new fashion trend, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga, etc. Most people have to acquire some fashion Info from catwalk shows during each season.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Nails of us serve as protection for fingertips. We can manipulate small objects with assistance of them. Taking care of nails is a very important for our lives and health.

How to make up your eyes?

How to make up your eyes? You should choose your eye look. That means, you should firstly figure out your eye color, eye shape and skin tone. Then, eye cosmetic styles could help you to create any look you want.

Inspiration of Women’s Fashion

Do you realize that although some styles always change, there are still some concepts which come back around. One inspiration of women’s fashion is from menswear. Now, this trend is strengthened. Such as Tommy Hilfiger, the designers sent their creations in menswear which connected the feminine silhouette and masculine twists very successfully. These are inspired from invention of menswear. Try strong fabrics in form of soft feminine styles, such as cardigan, you will feel specially compare with before.

Some Styles of Summer Shoes


Some styles of summer shoes will be presented below which include light neutral shoes, bohemian shoes, metallic shoes and collar sandals.

Summer Scarves Trend

There are always some people who get used to wearing scarves in summer and this year wearing scarves becomes more popular. Not only has it some function in summer, but also could decorate a simple outfit as being accessories.

Make up Trends for Summer 2011

As fashionable women you should know different fashion trends for each season, make up trends should be also involved. When you dress yourselves, you should pay more attention to the colors of eyelids, lips and nails. You have already probably realized that, yellow shade, cherry red or pink lipstick/ nails polish become more popular this summer. No matter When and where, color is always the key to a successful makeup.

Some bright colors for lips which were not accepted by women in the past could become the favorite choices for them. This bright season deserves more sweet and tropical colors, such as fiery fuchsia, neon orange and metallic coral. These colors could help women to catch more eyes and they also easily go well with other outfits. Besides, a cartoonish and retro vibe could be brought through using bold colors on eyes which include yellow, neon green, pink, orange and purple.

Cat Eye Sunglasses 2016

What are the necessaries for a summer vacation? You might say sunscreen and sunglass. Sunglass protects your sensitive part of skin- your eyes and the skin around them. However, it is popular not just because of its protection function but also because of its fashion model.

Cat eye sunglasses has become active in the fashion world once again since models wore the colorful cat eye sunglasses for the show of Prada fall 2016 which followed the idea of Miuccia. Besides, many fashion bands give lots of cat eye sunglass styles to help clients to indulge a peculiarly sense of individuality, such as Twenty8Twelve, Christian Dior, Jeremy Scott, House of Harlow, Ray Ban and Calvin Klein. Some recommended frame colors for the sunglasses 2014 include red, black, brown, yellow, dark blue, white, etc. Never lose a chance to be a shining star in sunshine. Wherever you are, along the seaside, at street side or in an open air café bar, if you get the right pair, you will catch more eyes.

Brighten Your Summer with White

Have you already recognized that white is widely used for window displays? Your are right, white is the most popular color in this summer.
How to wear white to cover your shortages and emphasize your merits? White is not easy to wear. It could get dirty sooner, sometimes make bad skin apparently and even bring a fattening effect. However, some styles and appropriate combinations will bring you different, fresh and cool look. White loose and sleeveless tops go with wide leg trousers, white maxi dresses go with comfortable sandals, sweet white rocks go with hints of prints, etc. You can choose all white outfits as well as matching up other colors. White goes easily with other colors, such as blue, green, gold.
Not only white tops, dresses and trousers but also white shoes and accessorizes could be chosen, which include bags, hats, scarfs, jewelries, etc.

How to match clothing

Matching coats and jackets are very fashionable, as also are boleros. These are quite often of materials to match the dresses. These coatees are generally loose fitting and square cut; they hung straight from the shoulders and are generally left undone, although buttons and buttonholes are present. Fitted jackets, some with belts, are also fashionable. The length of these garments ranges from to the waist to about hip length, although boleros are shorter, either just above or to the waist.

How to dress emo

Are you interested in emo fashion? There are some tips for your transformation. Generally, you should pay attention to your hair, clothes, shoes and accessorize.

Wide Leg Trousers - Lined striped Trousers

Trousers worn with morning or frock coats are invariably of a black and grey striped material and are without turn-ups. When lounge jackets are worn formally with waistcoats, the trousers are also of a striped, usually cashmere, material and could have turn-ups. In the early years false turn-ups on trousers replace real ones so as to save on material, but even these are no longer to be seen, although later they again become popular. 

Style, Make-up, Feminity, Nylon, Pleats

In the recent years styles become more severe with wider, padded shoulders to give a square look; French fashions are beginning to be less of an influence. Longer upswept hairstyles become popular and there is a marked improvement in make-up. Darker face powders and matching nail varnish and lipstick become available.