How to dress emo

Are you interested in emo fashion? There are some tips for your transformation. Generally, you should pay attention to your hair, clothes, shoes and accessorize.


The first characteristic of Emo girls is their shorter hair which is always dyed a darker color, i.e. black and bleach blond. They have long bangs which usually cover their eyes. Some hairsprays are also necessary to make their hair in a unique form.


Vintage clothes are the favorite of Emo girls. They usually wear skinny jeans and band T-shirt to show their unique style. These clothes can be found in bands’ web store or district lines. Some Emos even make clothes by themselves. The 70’s style jackets are also the favorite of Emo girls. Besides, beanies are very popular when they match with other clothes and accessorize in the right way.


It is never outmoded when you choose the classic black and white or black high top Converse. Black slip-ons or classic era Vans in dark colors are good option as well. In addition, you could add neon laces if you want. Colorful Nike’s are the option of some bravest Emos as well.


Lots of accessories are waiting for your choice. Neon shoelaces, hair bows, bracelets, wristbands, safety pins, bracelets, band pins and other accessories with patterns of brass knuckles, bands, rib cages, bones, hearts, vampires, etc.