How to match clothing

Matching coats and jackets are very fashionable, as also are boleros. These are quite often of materials to match the dresses. These coatees are generally loose fitting and square cut; they hung straight from the shoulders and are generally left undone, although buttons and buttonholes are present. Fitted jackets, some with belts, are also fashionable. The length of these garments ranges from to the waist to about hip length, although boleros are shorter, either just above or to the waist. The fronts of boleros are often rounded although squared fronts are also worn. Boleros can be collarless or with collars and sometimes even with revers. By the 1940s it becomes the fashion for dresses to be made to look like two-piece dresses, skirts and tops often being of differing colours and materials. Two piece dresses often comprise tunic dresses with blouses or skirts, and tunic blouses which are shorter than the skirts and are generally fastened at the back. Skirts with matching high necked tops that can have small round collars are also popular. These high necked tops usually buttoned in the front and can be basqued and belted. Quite often there are two breast pockets present.