Make up Trends for Summer 2011

As fashionable women you should know different fashion trends for each season, make up trends should be also involved. When you dress yourselves, you should pay more attention to the colors of eyelids, lips and nails. You have already probably realized that, yellow shade, cherry red or pink lipstick/ nails polish become more popular this summer. No matter When and where, color is always the key to a successful makeup.

Some bright colors for lips which were not accepted by women in the past could become the favorite choices for them. This bright season deserves more sweet and tropical colors, such as fiery fuchsia, neon orange and metallic coral. These colors could help women to catch more eyes and they also easily go well with other outfits. Besides, a cartoonish and retro vibe could be brought through using bold colors on eyes which include yellow, neon green, pink, orange and purple.