Some Styles of Summer Shoes


Some styles of summer shoes will be presented below which include light neutral shoes, bohemian shoes, metallic shoes and collar sandals.

Light Neutral Shoes

Light neutral shoes in beige, taupe, cream and tan could pair with white and bright summer outfit very easily. It is good option for a warm weather.

Bohemian Shoes

Bohemian shoes make up of fringe, stones, beads and other decorations. They are chosen by divers groups which include not only laidback hippie but also cosmopolitan chic. Still, these shoes are full of fun and excitement.

Metallic Shoes

The shiny shoes are not only used in the evening parties but also made in casual styles. You might have already seen the flat sandals in gold or silver everywhere. They match easily with other casual outfits.

Collar and Cuff Sandals

Ankle straps of diverse sandals are easily found this season. Especially, sandals with complex ankle cuffs and collars become the favorite for some designers. Diversity is a trend in the shoe market this summer. In some cases, the collars could extend up to the crus. Compare to them, there are also some wide ankle straps. Those collar and cuff sandals should be paired with shorts or short skirts.