Inspiration of Women’s Fashion

Do you realize that although some styles always change, there are still some concepts which come back around. One inspiration of women’s fashion is from menswear. Now, this trend is strengthened. Such as Tommy Hilfiger, the designers sent their creations in menswear which connected the feminine silhouette and masculine twists very successfully. These are inspired from invention of menswear. Try strong fabrics in form of soft feminine styles, such as cardigan, you will feel specially compare with before.


White button up shirt is very classical menswear, you could also match leggings, jeans, even skirts. It is good in spring or autumn to wear a white blouse which are tailored and made from light cotton. Some dresses with vest could show more masculine and your creative side. You could also try a vest over a bra to present your sexy look. Choosing tight jeans or black brings you fresh feeling. Don’t forget, wearing a boyish touch and pairing with some classic menswear accessories will make you totally different. One example is bowler hat.