How to make up your eyes?

How to make up your eyes? You should choose your eye look. That means, you should firstly figure out your eye color, eye shape and skin tone. Then, eye cosmetic styles could help you to create any look you want.

There are some eye makeup styles. Firstly, natural eye makeup. Neutral colors are used, which are very similar to your skin tone. With this style you could enhance your eyes without making eyes obvious. Eyeliner should be used in the same color or two darker than your eyelashes. Usually, you can use natural eye makeup everyday. Secondly, dramatic eye makeup. It is great for evening look. Dark, smoky eye makeup, glitter fantasy styles, you could choose any type of them. They will help you to catch more eyes from others. You could choose bright colors, which you use not for normal daily days. Thirdly, emo eye makeup. It is a very dark style. Some combinations could be described. Black shadow, black liner for inner eye, black liner for top lid and dark mascara.