How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Nails of us serve as protection for fingertips. We can manipulate small objects with assistance of them. Taking care of nails is a very important for our lives and health.

We should put a cotton wool pad in remover and remove nail polish totally. Taking a look at the corners, you will find some streaks of nail color. Let a bowl of soapy and warm water with some salt soak hands very well. Massaging the nails as well as the first joint of the fingers with cream is healthy for yourself. You could also use a soft brush to clean your nails and cut them to a desired length. In order to prevent flaking and splitting you could file your nails, reduce the size of nails and fine seal edges with the help of coarse side. Using a cuticle cutter to snip cuticles or using a liquid cuticle remover to soften dead skin cells. After removing dirt under nails you should change the water and give some drops of antiseptic solution. Next step is applying hand cream and massaging to remove loose or dry skin cells. Polishing your nails with a buffer will improve blood circulation and make your nails shiny.