Kate Moss: Fashion rules from the husband

It is the style model of a whole generation and can be called meanwhile safely fashion icon. However, however, in spite of her role as a trendsetter, Kate Moss does not think splendidly about her look, but goes with the choice of her outfits primarily after her mood. Fashion trends play no role for the model, she rather simply carries that on which she feels like. Compared with the Sunday telegraph she explained: "I simply fall out this on which I just feel like, a lot of it bends black, grey and Red to the colour palette. If I have a free day, I carry only black". Hence, she also has no personal style directives, will consult in stylish questions, however, also from her husband, the "The Kills" rocker Jamie Hince. " I have no strict rules, but my husband says me, I should carry no hats with sunglasses, because this looks, as if I try to disguise myself". And however, accompanies and from which she cannot have at all enough are sunglasses of the brand Ray Ban. Kate explained: "I always have a pair Ray Bans in my handbag and many other at home, because they disappear anyhow constantly".