Wedding Dresses Shoes

The most important moment for many is the wedding. Suitable wedding dresses make the people amazing.

Upswept hairstyles and changing Fashions

Longer upswept hairstyles become popular and there is a marked improvement in make-up. Darker face powders and matching nail varnish and lipstick become available.  Pleats become so popular that they appear in skirts, blouses and jackets, and can be placed at all angles from horizontal to vertical and even diagonally. New man-made fibres make their appearance for clothing, the most notable being nylon. Fashions are changing: the social climate alter and is reflected in the new fashions, especially when Dior's 'New Look' captivate the world.
Femininity is restored with isp waists, full skirts and a soft shoulder line. As skirts become fuller, coats become more bulky, and hats smaller and neater looking.